Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Mika!

Hey everyone! So I just found this amazing video that I think creates the look we were trying to go for with our original idea of having the "queer" cookies. Plus it's Mika, who is not only amazing, but he has been mentioned multiple times in our blog!

Here is the video:


  1. Rachel,

    This video is really interesting!! I am not too familiar with Mika, but this video fits perfect with our project. The dancers that are half boy half girl are exactly like our cookies! haha Great Job finding this!


  2. Rachel,

    I think this is really cool, it's too bad we couldn't have baked Mika cookies because they would have been awesome! That said I think that the song itself is really interesting to the overall themes of the class that we have been looking at. I sort of interpret it as saying that you have to make your own happiness and you can't just sit around wondering why things aren't going right. I find it closely paralleling Catherine in the Garden of Eden's actions of taking control of her relationship in order to make her own happiness. Very interesting concepts are brought up in the video and the song and it's really cool that you shared it on here! Nice Work!